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drinks-cocktailsTry These 10 Tasty & Money-Saving Coffee Shop Recipes at Home

Try These 10 Tasty & Money-Saving Coffee Shop Recipes at Home

When you're looking at your bank account and wondering where all the money went, it's worth asking yourself: How many $6 coffee-shop drinks did I buy? Those sweet and frothy barista-made beverages are delicious in the moment, but not necessarily worth the price tag. Save your cash by customizing your own drinks right in your own kitchen. As a bonus, no one will judge you for sipping your matcha latte in your underwear the way they might in your neighborhood coffee shop.

Dalgona Coffee, a trendy fluffy creamy whipped coffee

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1. Homemade Coffee Creamer (5 Flavors)

Whipped and blended drinks have their place, but when you've just stumbled out of bed, getting the coffee maker to work can be challenge enough. So stick to that simple joe but add a splash of sweetened, flavored creamer made from whole ingredients. This basic coffee creamer recipe includes variations for five delicious flavors – peanut butter cup, French vanilla, toasted marshmallow coconut, pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha.

Homemade Coffee Creamer (5 Flavors)

2. Vanilla Iced Coffee

Hot weather calls for light, ice-cold drinks. This vanilla iced coffee recipe includes two variations: One that uses real vanilla beans for the richest flavor, and one that's easier to replicate with less hands-on time. If you're looking for a caffeinated drink that's sweet without being cloying, this is one to try.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

3. Instant Coffee Powder

Instant coffee powder has gotten a bad reputation. But making a cup of instant coffee doesn't mean you have to use those bitter instant crystals. Following this recipe for instant coffee is as easy as pulling out your coffee grinder and a bag of your favorite beans.

Hand Holding Spoon Of Coffee Powder Over Cup

4. Dalgona Whipped Coffee

It's one of the food crazes that has swept through social media: Dalgona coffee is officially A Big Deal. It's a frothy, whipped creation made from instant coffee, sugar and water and served spooned over milk. It looks incredibly impressive but actually takes just minutes to make using this simple recipe. Making Dalgona coffee is possible without an electric beater, if you're willing to give your arms a workout.

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

5. Homemade Coffee Caramels

What's better than the perfect cup of coffee? How about the perfect cup of coffee with a side of homemade candy. Made with espresso powder and a bunch of kitchen staples like butter and sugar, the trickiest thing about these coffee caramels is resisting the urge to eat 10 per sitting. They're perfect for coffee lovers who need to keep a sweet source of caffeine on hand all day.

Homemade Coffee Caramels

6. Matcha Latte

Great coffee shop drinks don't have to be made with coffee. Try something new with this easy matcha latte recipe. A little matcha powder, made from ground tea leaves, gives this drink its vibrant green hue and sweet, light flavor. This recipe can be made hot or iced.

Matcha Latte

7. Cold Brewed Coffee

On a steaming hot day, even hot coffee lovers may need an alternative. Unlike many kinds of iced coffee recipes, which start with brewing hot coffee, this easy cold brew recipe only uses cold water. The result is a smoother cup of cold brew. The coffee takes hours to develop, but this recipe requires only about a minute of hands-on work.

Cold Brewed Coffee

8. French Press Coffee

A French press can be used to create a cup of coffee that's smooth, rich and not burned like joe made in a coffee pot can be. This method may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but a French press is a really simple tool that just about anyone can master. Try this easy French press recipe to see for yourself. Go slow with that plunger!

French Press Coffee

9. Espresso Made With a French Press

Once you've mastered the French press, you can use it to make more than just basic coffee. In a pinch, your French press can also be used to create a variation on espresso. Use this easy French press hack to make your own cup of rich, intense espresso in your own kitchen if you don't have an expensive machine.

Espresso Made With a French Press

10. Sugar-Free Irish Cream Liqueur

A plain cup of coffee is just part of your daily breakfast. But an Irish coffee, made with creamy whisky, is a drink for a special occasion. Whip up your own Baileys-style coffee flavoring using this sugar-free Irish liqueur recipe. Made with cocoa powder and almond and coconut extracts, this stuff is good enough to drink on its own.

Sugar-Free Irish Cream Liqueur


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